Where can the administration of the president be transferred?

Where can the administration of the president be transferred?

Today, Ukraine is a parliamentary-presidential republic. But in recent times more and more proposals are being made to move to a parliamentary republic, reducing the powers of the President and leaving him exclusively representative functions, and all the completeness of executive power passed to the Prime Minister. And, most likely, at the same time, the President or the next, but it will happen.

Answering a question to the question: Why is it necessary to transfer the Presidential Administration somewhere? Simply spend money – pleasure is questionable. To reduce the number of traffic jams – so have already learned not to overlap the center for the passing of the tuple, so this does not create any inconvenience. We have traffic jams due to improperly parked cars, not because the President rides around the city.

It is pointless to transfer the Presidential Administration from the Government Quarter today. In addition, the president of a warring state is a sufficiently vulnerable person who needs to provide appropriate security measures, and moving his “closer to the people” – the business center or open public space – can be endangered by a huge number of people.

Herefore, it is quite logical to leave the Administration in the same place and not to muse this topic, associating the image of the newly elected President with the protagonist of the well-known series.

Andriy Ryzhykov, CEO and Managing Partner of DC Evolution

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