Are skyscrapers real in Ukraine?

Are skyscrapers real in Ukraine?

New SBC «Tall Buildings. Basics», which raises the upper mark of structures from 100 m to 150 m, applies only to public buildings – that is, it will have no impact on housing, said in a comment Andriy Ryzhikov, CEO and managing partner of DC Evolution.

However, in modern architecture, this is not even height, because the skyscrapers in the world start from the mark of 300 m, and we got a kind of cropped version. It should be noted that it was possible to build above 100 meters earlier, but for this purpose it was necessary to obtain individual technical conditions for designing. And here is where the hardest thing began – the experts who issue these conditions often refer to morally outdated DBNs and simply are unable to grasp constructive and technological innovations. Therefore, unfortunately, it is easier for a developer not to develop such projects at all.

In Kyiv there are only a little more than 10 buildings above 100 m and this SBC will not change anything – the difference between 100 and 150 meters is negligible. The construction of high-rise buildings is hundreds of millions of dollars and whether they are economically needed in the city is an ambiguous question. As a symbol of Ukraine’s integration into world architecture, it would certainly be nice for us to have such landmark objects.

But I have the hope that not recently formal scraps of SBC, but recently adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of the law on parametricmethod of regulation will allow to build comfortable, comfortable and safe buildings height of one kilometer.

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