Architectural & Engineering Services
Our goal is to create architectural concepts that become new benchmarks for future projects. We are also adept at introducing innovative and energy-saving technologies. If necessary, we organize and conduct certification of energy saving standards as supervisors.
Outsourcing development
We perform the full range of development services: from the “best use” stage to commissioning and investment sales. Abyssal analysis allows to choose the best concept for the development, which will ensure maximum profit for the project. Colossal experience and possession of modern management methods allow to perform design work without violation of time and budget.
Supervising is a modern way to control the quality of construction, reconstruction and repair of facilities. We are ready to provide you with external expertise, consultation, support and active moderation of all stages of development process. This approach minimizes the risk of troubles at all stages of development. Independent control allows you to minimize the risks of corruption and to avoid unnecessary expansion of own technical supervision services.