Expensive Ukrainian roads: who and how repairs our paths

Expensive Ukrainian roads: who and how repairs our paths

Today is a very interesting holiday – Day of unknown roads. Еhis day is a great excuse to visit where the car wheel did not pass. The fact is that even if it is a road of international importance, may well be impassable.

«Using the monitoring data for road construction and repair costs for 2018 roads.brdo.com.ua, among 5340 tenders we have allocated 812, which relate to the repair of roads, not the construction, design or purchase of equipment. The largest amount of money spent in 2018 was spent on repairing roads in the Lviv region – over UAH 4 billion. The most expensive repair of one kilometer of the road cost in the Transcarpathian, Cherkasy and Khmelnitsky regions», says Alexander Gluzdovskaya, Head of Data Science of DC Evolution.

Among the TOP-6 regions, by the total amount of tenders, the highest volatility of the cost of repairing 1 km of road in Kyiv, Vinnytsia and Transcarpathian regions. In these regions the cost of the work varies widely – UAH 5.5-23 million in Vinnytsia region, UAH 3-22 million in Kyiv and UAH 3.7-26.5 million in Transcarpathia. “Such a range can testify to the diversification of the types of work – that is, both simple and fairly complex repairs are performed here. Low price volatility in the Kharkiv and Lviv regions, on the contrary, may indicate the low complexity of road repair work being carried out in these regions” adds Oleksandra Gluzdovskaya.

It is interesting that in the Kiev region the price distribution is asymmetrical – low prices prevail here, and tenders over UAH 22 million happen quite rarely and deviate significantly from the median value. Such a distribution may indicate that road repair works are often of low or medium complexity, and those with high complexity, though much more expensive, are not carried out very often.

Speaking of the most expensive tenders, the winners are Avtomagistral-Yuzhny LLC (UAH 3.7 billion), Onur Structures International (UAH 2.21 billion) and Poltavabudcenter (UAH 1.95 billion). . The total volume of orders in the top is Avtomagistral-Yug (UAH 3.95 billion), Onur Structures International (UAH 2.24 billion) and Poltavabudcenter (UAH 2.25 billion).

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