Generation Z will change the approach to security in shopping malls

Generation Z will change the approach to security in shopping malls

Children born after 2000 do not think of their lives without the mobile Internet and gadgets. This is a fully digital generation that lives in a world without borders and values ​​freedom. At the same time, being trained under the tutelage of the generations Y and X, they become accustomed to increased security.

“Remember your childhood. In the morning you went to school or to the yard and often parents did not know where you are when you return. Today’s children have three nannies, two drivers, a mobile phone, a clock with a GPS sensor and other things 20 years ago. Yes, it’s a little exaggerated, but in general, the approach to security organization has changed dramatically,” said Andriy Ryzhykov, CEO and Managing Partner of DC Evolution, UTG Commercial Director, at the Malls Club organized by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Having met in the mall, these children count on the same special attitude. So, at times they are bullying and rumbling, but at the same time they want to be safe, which does not restrict their freedom. Therefore, the approach to the security of shopping centers will inevitably change under the generation Z, because it is it will soon bring revenue to retailers.

“We, as customers and developers of commercial real estate, are already focusing on digital youth, for which there are important pleasures, shows, and emotions. We clearly understand that any attempt to shrunk these emotions will cause a rigid rejection from the march to the mall in the future, so we change the patterns of management of commercial real estate in general, and in the direction of security in particular,” said Andriy Ryzhykov.

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