How relevant and useful are changes to the DBN for improving the quality of housing?

How relevant and useful are changes to the DBN for improving the quality of housing?

Not only is it relevant and useful, it should have been done a long time ago – 10-15 years ago. Normal developers are all those things that have now allowed updated DBNs, and so have done – someone is less legal in agreeing to deviations from existing standards. Those things that are done by default all over the world, we are in contradiction with the current standards, and in order to build comfortable quality housing, sometimes we have to go through some circles of hell, – told UBR Andriy Ryzhykov, CEO and managing partner of the development company DC Evolution.

Speaking of energy efficiency, developers who build substandard and uncomfortable housing are certainly outraged by these innovations. But the consumer wants not that C class, he wants B or even A class, he wants to live in a comfortable home – warm in winter and cool in summer. In addition, the money invested in the thermal insulation of the house, in operation pay off for 3-5 years. That is actually an investment thing. But most importantly, it affects the energy security of the country – the less the country consumes resources for heating or air conditioning, the less it will extract these resources for money or from land, the more independent it will become.

The course of the Ministry of Regional Development is almost correct: the goal of improving the quality of life of people and bringing our norms in line with European ones is the right one, but the way to achieve it is not entirely true. What is wrong?

Instead of trying to regulate certain things, especially concerning specialized DBNs – hotel, office, commercial – it was easier to say, here are two basic DBNs: fire and constructive are those DBNs that do not allow a person to be killed and maimed, and they cannot be violated categorically – all other DBNs should be transferred to the status of recommendations.

But instead, they start writing new DBNs – with them being torn away from reality by people from old design institutes. As a result, instead of soviet norms, we get a half-bar: a few points are good, all others complicate life.

As DBNs are discussed: professional experts, semi-professional experts and non-experts come. So professional experts once went down and they no longer have the time to constantly be in this process, because there is a basic job aimed at making money. And those who are not in the subject, or who want to exclude some exclusive conditions, they have the time to go to such meetings and get their final result.

A prime example of this is the inclusiveness of DBN. Business somehow missed this process, but activists do not. But the DBN that was put into operation requires serious adjustments. Now the developer needs to spend + 10-15% nowhere to make his project consistent with this DBN. While inclusivity can be made simpler, but DBN has entered into very stringent rules that will be punished for violations, although they are ineffective economically and technologically. Why? Because some experts have transferred other experts. Improvements are always great, but not at the cost of exacerbations elsewhere.

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