How to make the developer build the infrastructure?

How to make the developer build the infrastructure?

To force developers to build the promised social infrastructure you can in two ways – power and half-force. The first is protests, courts, and lengthy trials. The second – half-force – is the market. When the Ukrainian consumer learns to understand whether the advertised infrastructure is embedded in the project or the developer did not even plan to create it, such projects will no longer appear because they will not cause interest and, therefore, bring profit, said in the commentary to Stroyobzor Andriy Ryzhykov CEO and managing partner of the development company DC Evolution.

But while the buyers themselves stimulate the emergence of such squalid projects. The main reason is greed – both developers and buyers. And those and others do not want to overpay. Ukrainians are still ready to buy anything horrible, but cheaper. Such a demand gives rise to a corresponding offer – many developers, seeing the inexhaustible interest of buyers, a territory that could go under the infrastructure, is simply building up new houses.

A separate issue is the transfer to the balance of built kindergartens and schools. For example, in Kyiv, authorities often refuse to accept the built infrastructure on a balance. Therefore, developers very often have hung-up projects of kindergartens in completely finished complexes.

Compulsory insurance of developers and their projects will help prevent such situations. Due to insurance payments in case of default the developer, it will be possible either to complete the construction, or to return the money to the buyers.

Share contribution, due to which the infrastructure should be built, does not work at all. We have all seen revenue reports, but are there similar reports on the use of collected funds? Rhetorical question, is not it?

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