How to name the residential complex to sell it quickly

How to name the residential complex to sell it quickly

Since the early 2000s, more than 700 apartment complexes and club houses have been built, built and designed in the capital. As the wisdom of the people says, not a name adorns a person, but a person’s name. As with residential complexes, the buyer is primarily interested in the location, quality of construction and planning of his future apartment. But in order to be remembered and associated with the best and most desirable residential complex, you need to have a proper name. For almost 20 years of active development of the real estate market of Ukraine, marketers of construction companies are managing over naming as soon as they can – someone succeeds, someone not very.

“In the place of a marketer in a real estate company that chooses a name for a new residential complex, or a buyer looking for a home in a new building, you probably have repeatedly found yourself thinking that there are typical or even the same names around the mass of residential complexes. It is not excluded that you were trapped by the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon, when you often saw some of the Homes, Parks or Pianos, if for some reason these names were close to you. Given that more than 250 residential complexes are on sale in Kyiv today, the likelihood of such repetitions is really very high. We have prepared a large-scale study to understand how our “seems” corresponds to reality, how many complexes with typical and unique names in Kiev, how the trends in naming have changed, what caused them, and most importantly, how best to name residential complex to become successful with in terms of sales and why to hide, a trendsetter in the market, ”- says Victoria Kovalchuk, Chief Marketing Officer of DC Evolution, a development company.

“Using open data, we analyzed 715 residential complexes that were commissioned, built and designed between 2002 and August 2019, of which 692 objects were identified, with 46 words * and general topics highlighted. used in the names of new buildings. Yes, most often in the name of the residential complex sew the address of the location of the complex. Obviously, this is due to the fact that a large number of properties were built during the period when marketing was not so actively used for the sale of apartments. Until 2013, the share of unnamed residential complexes was 42%, and from 2014 until today – 19%, with a third of them being self-designed complexes, which means that they are likely to get their name in the future. Naming addresses catch up with local names, followed by less commonly used words and topics, including cities, countries and the words House, Park, City, ”commented Alexander Gluzdovskaya, Head of Data Science at DC Evolution.

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