Investment in Ukraine: already attractive or not yet

Investment in Ukraine: already attractive or not yet

There are two indicators of investment attractiveness, which are very difficult to digitize, but which need to be talked about in Ukraine first and foremost are risks and reputation.

In the risk matrix of Ukrainian projects, technical risks occupy 20-30%, but the country, political and economic remaining 70-80%. Despite the fact that there are different methods of counting risks, in our country this procedure is akin to divination on the ball. And, for example, if one day the dollar becomes 38 hryvnias, then all the beautiful indicators of IRR, NPV, EBITDA and ROI will be useless.

The semantic analysis of these one-word words: faith, trust, confidence, demonstrates very well the importance of trust. When we first work with a counterparty, we go purely on faith, the second time – we already have some trust, for 10 or 150 times – almost guaranteed confidence in the partner, we boldly give into his hands because we know: business or the project will be successful.

So often, despite the ideal financial performance, the investor does not give money if the project is not credible, and the company does not have background and firm confidence in tomorrow. I very much hope that in the near future country risks in Ukraine will be minimized, the state will cease to be a pest, corruption will come to naught, and courts will cease to scare away local and foreign investors. The attractiveness and perspective of Ukraine is really high, and I believe that in the foreseeable future system investors with long money will come to us.

Andriy Ryzhykov, CEO and Managing Partner of DC Evolution

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