New Ukrainian regulations send the construction industry to the past

New Ukrainian regulations send the construction industry to the past

The Ministry of Regional Development has introduced restrictions on deviations from state building codes, which, in their opinion, should minimize construction corruption and improve the safety of people. It sounds beautiful, doesn’t it?

A little background. Until a certain point, all deviations were sent to special sections under the Ministry of Regional Development. The developer, who wants to build modern facilities, but which in some areas did not meet the “progressive” Ukrainian norms, served on these sections a special table of deviations and prescribed the necessary compensation measures, which made it possible to obtain an agreement or … not.

The procedure was really corrupt. Therefore, as part of the fight against this very corruption, at first they simply blocked the sections, and later developed a new regulation, according to which the whole procedure for agreeing deviations became open and public.

But let’s look deeper – and what caused the emergence of the coordination process itself in principle. Ukrainian norms are so inconsistent with the realities and with all existing world trends that it is simply impossible to build modern facilities for these soviet norms without making any deviations. Here are the majority of developers who simply did not want to build the notorious cheloveniki and dull, faceless boxes, were submitted for deviations.

I opened the curtain, in the first “red list” there were almost two dozen points, which, if approved in their original form, would have made the implementation of new modern facilities simply impossible. Even through the deviations. On the sidelines they said that at some point the list had grown to 200 points and there is a bargain, which of them should be included and which should not. And finally, we saw the final version, consisting of more than fifty points.

I will give an example of one interesting point. The list gives a reference to the non-approved in the correct order NCN ” Planning and development of territories”. The Ministry of Regional Development says that it is acting, but today its legality is disputed in the courts. And despite the fact that a new edition of this DBN is being prepared, which the Ministry of Regional Development will try to approve already in a new order so that it will not be blocked in the courts again, this “red list” is issued.

By the way, there are a lot of questions to this NCN. But it really blocks modern buildings under the guise of the fact that everyone will be comfortable. But it will not be comfortable, because there will be no investment. And to build what is written in this NCN is utopia, and so that it does not happen and deviations that have been blocked are needed. Understand the whole surrealism of the situation? You know, it is even interesting to see how this will stop investment in Ukraine.

It is very much expected that this is not the final version and in the future we will see an updated “red list”, which will worsen the situation even more. After all, in fact, the very possibility of bringing something new into our realities was blocked. The market is open to dialogue and publicity and really want his voice to be finally heard. Theorists from design institutes cannot teach professional developers, architects, designers and engineers to create the future of construction.

Andriy Ryzhykov, СEO and managing partner of DC Evolution

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