Quarantine and offices: a look into the future

Quarantine and offices: a look into the future

Just recently, I talked about the fact that the office real estate market is growing and developing, companies are moving from the worst offices to the best, almost every month coworking opens and new projects are laid. But the coronavirus came to us and life almost immediately turned upside down and froze.

Last week, even before quarantine was introduced, I received a message from my employee who asked me to stay at home because he was unwell. By the end of the day, he wrote that he managed to do much more than in the office.

How does this relate to the office market? Due to quarantine, many companies transferred their employees to remote work. Such a temporary measure can show, both to employees and management, that you can be effective at home. What will management do in the future in such a situation? He will reduce his area, leaving only certain services that cannot but be in the office. And from this will receive a double benefit: in addition to direct savings in space, it will also achieve an increase in efficiency.

Of course, not every employee wants and knows how to work effectively remotely: we all love to procrastinate and do it especially well at home, where there is no supervision and it is easy to find excuses for our conscience. And here flexible offices, which often offer coworking spaces, will become relevant. So, with a high degree of probability, the office real estate market is waiting for reformatting.

Coronavirus news has eclipsed the rest. There is less and less information in the media that we are on the verge of a crisis. So far, fear for their life and health has overcome the fear of poverty. But they are one of the main ones. And, unfortunately, very soon we have to feel the second. Because the consequences that the virus will cause the global economy are very strong.

Stability is becoming an obsolete word – it’s time to adapt to the prevailing conditions. The message “differentiate or die” – as relevant as ever. The world will certainly not be the same: global attitudes and everyday habits will change, the world order and our thoughts will be reformatted. In the meantime, it remains only to observe and work hard – it is best from home, of course.

Take care of yourself!

Andriy Ryzhykov, CEO and managing partner of the development company DC Evolution