How much does it cost to build a security system in a mall?

How much does it cost to build a security system in a mall?

The long-term security system was funded on a residual basis. How much money is left – so many cameras, visitors counters and glass breakdown sensors have been bought. And if the sequestration of the project budget started, then the first ones fell just as telecommunications and technical security systems, because then you can always simply hire a physical guard in the form of a gloomy uncle who will chase the mall for bad guys.

Such an approach led to the fact that as a result the customer did not receive something, not there and not so. For example, not those cameras, not in that place and not so customized. But budget savings in the security system are guaranteed to be bumps in the future and sometimes very painful. Therefore, on security systems, it is necessary to lay down real budgets – not circumcised and adequate situations. If we protect gold, this is one system, if parking in hectares is completely different.

Modern technologies allow us to digitize and reduce practically any processes. For example, in Japan, they have developed a system that, with the help of artificial intelligence in mimicry and gestures, allows you to predict whether a theft will be committed or not, with fairly high precision. Of course, according to the presumption of innocence, it is forbidden to punish a person until his fault has been proved, but to prevent and minimize the violation is quite possible.

If earlier the development of this kind of product was costly, now it is quite standard solutions at an affordable price. But one should refute the myth that artificial intelligence solves all problems. In any case, while decisions made are human, it is necessary from the outset, at the planning stage, to think about everything competently. Because artificial projection errors can not be corrected, artificial intelligence is unlikely to be able to.

Andriy Ryzhykov, CEO and Managing Partner of DC Evolution, UTG Commercial Director

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