What is your shopping experience and how is it related to privacy

What is your shopping experience and how is it related to privacy

The Ministry of Regional Development announced the changes to the State Property Fund “Public Buildings and Structures”, which, among other things, would affect the security systems of shopping centers. Developers are proposing to make mandatory the design of modern security systems, in particular, the framework devices at the entrances to the TC, CCTV and fire alarm systems, which are designed to enhance the safety of people in the building. So, the framework at the entrance, which today is, at least, in one shopping center of Kiev, according to the rules will now be at all.

Is it good or bad? On the one hand, visitors are probably not very comfortable, on the other – the world has become so dangerous that in a different way in any way. But did you wonder how the usual shopping is related to privacy? If we follow the fact that they are watching us while we are writing to Facebook or sharing photos with Instagram, we are already accustomed to the fact that hundreds of us are taking us on our way, and now thousands of cameras, we still do not think.

In the world there is no more privacy from the word “absolutely” – any person today can be found by its exact image or digital cue stick. Last year, in the European Union, a personal data protection regulation (GDPR) began to operate in the European Union, which provides that everything that is personal information can identify and identify you should be handled and stored in accordance with a special procedure. But most importantly, upon your request, the company is obliged to delete all available information.

The Ukrainian analogue is the Law “On Protection of Personal Data”. It is less stringent than European norms, but it also regulates the relationships associated with the protection of personal data when processed.

So, in a good way, cameras that are installed in shopping malls should look through the prism of personal data protection, and operators should create a cyber security system that will provide the right level of data storage.

Andriy Ryzhykov, CEO and Managing Partner of DC Evolution, UTG Commercial Director

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