The future for multifunctional complexes

The future for multifunctional complexes

Nowadays, the office real estate market is very active, rates are rising and, provided that stable micro and macroeconomic indicators are maintained, they will grow for another year or two. After the stagnation of 2014-2016, the market is finally rising. Demand for good quality premises is fueling the market. In addition, offices are increasingly being bought as a profitable business, because it is obvious that this market is growing and it can be earned, – in the comment of the portal Kievvlast tells Andriy Ryzhykov, CEO and managing partner of DC Evolution.

Do not lose their popularity Class A offices, which are located head offices of major Ukrainian and international companies. Most often, these are small lots, measuring 200-300 square meters. m, since the back office mainly sits in less prestigious locations. In addition, the capital’s skyscrapers today are actively mastered by the crowds – entire floors are leased, for example, two floors of 800 square meters. m is an average office for one company. It is interesting that coworkings have become so advanced and steep that they open in Class A offices throughout floors. At the same time, the segment of quality B + class offices is actively developing. They are located closer to the sleeping areas, near good transport hubs – on the slopes, near the metro. This allows you to follow the concept of “work where you live, live where you work”.

Today, coworking is a worldwide trend that is actively taking root in Ukraine. The largest WeWork network is developing in just seven steps, the hotels say they want to become co-working – this segment is very active and we evaluate its further development very positively.

One or more coworkings are opened in Kyiv every month. Today, both domestic and international networks are represented in Ukraine. It is obvious that competition is only growing. Almost every network regularly declares intentions to open new locations. There is a simple explanation for this: companies that dynamically develop their projects and then recruit, then reduce staff, profitable to rent coworking.

It is worth noting that coworkings are turning into service centers. Aside from simply renting a table, they provide a whole range of extras and are already competing with services, not location, design or the same table. This is very convenient, especially for starting a business – for a fixed fee on a part time basis, you can get a bunch of services that would cost much more on outsourcing.

We have been working in the office real estate market for a long time and now we have several projects in development. Analyzing global trends and taking into account the Ukrainian context, today we are increasingly drawn to the BFC format, when offices, coworking, shopping malls and even housing are concentrated in the structure of one complex, such as in our MFC Alfa Mall project. Such mixed-use of complementary centers is definitely our future.

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