The labor market is 2020 through the eyes of the employer

The labor market is 2020 through the eyes of the employer

Skilled builders are steadily claiming pay raises. The explanation is very simple: many of them have left and continue to travel to neighboring Poland. Moreover, there is a new trend – our builders are already waiting in Germany and Scandinavia. This provokes a shortage of personnel in the market and accordingly increases their value, in the comment tells Andriy Ryzhykov, CEO and managing partner of DC Evolution.

In this case, there is also a reverse dynamics of the return of departed employees. After all, the constantly rising wages in Ukraine can already be compared with the European ones, with the exception of the rather high costs of living, transport and food. Therefore, the salary part of the cost of construction, of course, increases and the end user pays for it.

Employees whose salary is pegged to the hryvnia did not feel the dollar fall. But those who have a salary attached to the currency are now feeling, to say the least, mixed feelings. For example, when the dollar grows, it is always very clear to control its peg to the currency. The consumer basket responds to the rise of the course with some delay, so they feel that they are getting rich. But now that the rate has fallen and prices in hryvnias continue to rise, some of the crowds offer to compensate them for the loss in the exchange rate difference. This is not a mass trend, but there are cases. This is a very bad signal. You need to decide: the cooperation is either in UAH or in the dollar range. Because to compensate employees for all fluctuations of the course at the expense of the employer – is absolutely wrong.

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