Time to buy an apartment?

Time to buy an apartment?

I will mention two points. The first: according to unofficial data, the population of Kiev today is more than 4 million people, and this figure will only grow. Second: the provision of housing by 2018 in the capital is 21.8 square meters. m per person, which is even lower than in Ukraine as a whole, – told in the comment lenta.ua Andriy Ryzhykov, SEO and Managing Partner of DC Evolution.

Therefore, this is not only normal, but it is also good that in Ukraine there was a so-called boom of construction. People want to live in a new, spacious home that meets the realities of time and with the developed infrastructure. And it is quite expected that in qualitative projects the apartments are sold out before commissioning. There is no overheat, there is the reaction of developers to the growing demand.

In any case, real estate prices in Ukraine today are one of the lowest, and they can not be compared to European ones at all. Marginality of projects of economy class – no more than 50-100 dollars per square meter, comfort class – no more than 200-300 with the sale price of 800-900 dollars.

Indeed, if you transfer these figures into hryvnia and multiply by the number of square meters – these are millions. But one must understand that in the price, besides inflation and constantly growing materials, practically European salaries of Ukrainian builders are laid down. Our bricklayers, tilers, welders and other workers in the neighboring Poland receive at least 700-800 euros, so to keep them in Ukraine, you have to pay the corresponding salary.

If the buyer sees the apartment at $300 per square meter, most likely this complex is built on stolen land and it is not clear what materials. Because if you regularly pay for land rent or buy a plot, order a project from a normal designer, hire qualified builders and buy quality materials, the cost of construction will immediately be at least $450 per square meter – and this is for the simplest project, for a slightly more complex – 700- 800, or even $1,000. It has long been a myth that developers pledge in the cost per square meter of 200-300% profitability.

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