Today, coworking is a worldwide trend

Today, coworking is a worldwide trend

Coworkings are turning into service centers. In addition to desk rentals, they provide a whole range of extras and compete with services rather than location, design or the same desk. This is very convenient, especially for starting a business – for a fixed fee on terms of part time, you can get a bunch of services that would cost much more on outsourcing, said Andriy Ryzhykov, CEO of DC Evolution in a comment to Business magazine.

Today, coworking is a global trend that is actively taking root in Ukraine. The largest WeWork network is developing rapidly, hotels say they want to become co-working – this segment is very active and we appreciate its further development very positively.

One or more coworkings are opened in Kiev every month. Today, both domestic and international networks are represented in Ukraine. It is obvious that competition is only growing. Almost every network regularly declares intentions to open new locations. There is a simple explanation for this: companies that dynamically develop their projects and then recruit, then reduce staff, profitable to rent coworkings.

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