Transparent office time is up. What's next?

Transparent office time is up. What's next?

Today there is an urgent need in Ukraine to create a single, unified electronic system of permits, registers, inventories and inspections – from land acquisition to ownership. This was discussed at the conference “Transparent Services for Efficient Construction Industry”, organized by the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine with the support of the Ministry of Regional Development and the Office of Effective Regulation.

“I am an educator by education and have been doing development for almost 15 years, have business interests in the IT sphere, so I understand how much it costs to develop a registry-level IT system. Ready to hear those numbers? And you can calculate economic benefits without mathematical manipulation?”, – asks Andriy Ryzhykov, CEO and managing partner of DC Evolution.

The cost of such projects is hundreds of thousands of dollars, and further support after implementation is commensurate with the cost of 10 such systems. According to experts present at the conference, these projects are now funded mainly by donors. Andriy Ryzhykov notes that Ukraine can start such systems on its own today and even has the money for it.

“This is money that is spent on “houses for officials”, or else, “transparent offices”. I just stopped being amazed at that soviet hype when everyone rejoices at the next office. In the city where I come from, too, for three years already rejoice … or not rejoice and resigned to long-term success. And there are many mega-projects that have been built for all the money of the world. And what? And sitting there are the same officials and translate the papers, only now it looks like a show “behind the glass.” Do you understand this paradox? I am not” Andriy Ryzhykov comments.

According to the expert, all processes should be translated online, where any information can be obtained in 2 seconds and 24/7. However, in this case, the question arises what to do with the army of officials. “Imagine the situation: such a very transparent office, windows in the floor, expensive furniture and goes “show by the glass”: the standard department with the name” The very important department for transferring papers from a table to a shelf of the Department of support of shelves “people 10-12. And here comes a hipster in sneakers and a memorable T-shirt and says, “Ladies and gentlemen, we take our pieces of paper and quickly dash in the direction of the exit.” But 1917 will look like a single picket against the backdrop of this universal revolution. That is why digitalization causes such sabotage” Andriy Ryzhykov thinks.

While the old rules of the game are in place in Ukraine, there are no chances for truly bright and attractive projects to appear. Developers simply oppose officials, who find 10 reasons why they cannot build. “That’s why I want everything online, fast and transparent. Supporting international donors, who do so far from being in the first country and know which hands to hit with a ruler so these hands do not interfere, is only to our benefit. Business almost every day comes to these mounds: it prepares super-projects and gets rejected on the grounds that if I had hair, it would start to stir. We urgently need to remove this clutter of the government, which is grounded in groundless refusals” Andriy Ryzhykov adds.

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