Transparent offices VS electronic services: the priorities of power and the needs of people

Transparent offices VS electronic services: the priorities of power and the needs of people

By making an analogy between the hero of the well-known series and the newly elected President, social networks and mass media began to actively figure out where the Presidential Administration could be moved.

Last year, the discussion about the resettlement KСSA into one of the non-strikes on the Victory Avenue went up as well. Officials have argued their proposal in that it will increase their efficiency and even allow to save on the communal. The fact that the completion of the building should be allocated from the capital’s treasury several hundred million dollars, they worried little.

In this context, the illustrative story is remembered. Last November at the City Invest Battle event within the framework of RED PM DAY 2018, in which Mayors of Zhytomyr and Poltava, leaders of the Regional Doing Business 2018 Business Ranking Leadership, prepared by the Office of Effective Regulation, talked about the attractiveness of their cities for business and intent. fight for investment.

So despite the progressiveness in such areas as establishment of an enterprise, obtaining a permit for construction, registration of a land plot, etc., according to the component “electronic services”, which measures the volume of administrative services and permitting procedures that can be obtained or passed through the Internet, these cities did not even score half of the maximum possible 100 points, and on average in Ukraine, this figure is slightly more than 20 points.

So may we have the time to think about how to improve and implement electronic services everywhere, and not where to move the leadership of a country or a city, spending on this fabulous money? Today it was fashionable to build new transparent offices, which supposedly a priori will instantly change the established foundations and make life better.

But as a citizen on whose money the state and local authorities work, I do not want officials to build new offices for themselves. I want to create progressive services for me that will make a simple, accessible and understandable procedure for obtaining any information and permissions – from an extract from the composition of the family to obtaining a building permit.

I do not want to go to the officials, I do not want to talk to them, and I do not even want to know that they exist. I want to go to the online service, order a certificate or service, sign up with a digital signature, and in two clicks I will receive an electronic document that I can use there and when I need it.

Of course, the Ukrposhta case, which evicted its back office from the first floor of the Main Post Office and handed over to its retailers, shops, coffee houses and coworkers its most profitable squares at a commercial price, is very significant. But much more important is not the place where one or another body of executive or city authority is located, but the functions that it performs. And the future is definitely for service. Moreover, you do not even need to invent a bike. Already today, without spending a penny, any settlement can be connected to the system iGov, which assembled hundreds of services provided to citizens and business.

Andriy Ryzhykov, CEO and Managing Partner of DC Evolution

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