What prevents Ukrainian builders

What prevents Ukrainian builders

For the first 100 days of work, the new government had time to vote on a number of laws that have been passed without exaggeration for decades – abolished unit participation, made parametric rationing, implemented an electronic office of the developer. This is definitely very cool! But old practices that prevent developers from working must be cut down without regret. Long live the turbo mode in the construction industry.


Not only do these three letters spoil the developers of life and hinder the development of the industry, there are legal rules in half of SBC, although from a legal point of view they should not be there – only technical standards. But, unfortunately, the experts who write the SBC, will go a little in the direction of jurisprudence.

Moreover, I am convinced that there should be only two SBC – constructive reliability and fire-fighting, all others should be of a recommendatory nature. Because a professional developer and so knows what should be the height in the trade gallery, the optimal width of the kitchen or how many toilets to accommodate cinemas.


With each new document, urban DPTs distance Ukrainian cities from large-scale development. I will tell you two cases to understand the scale of the tragedy.

Case 1. There is a plot of land with ownership for residential cottage development. But here is another functional purpose in the master plan. What do you think: is it real to build a cottage on this site? Unreal. At that violations of the Constitution and the law on the regulation of urban development. All because there is an order approved by the Cabinet of Ministers’ decree that states that the intentions for construction should be consistent with the DPT, zoning and master plan. And without a court it is impossible to resolve this issue.

Case 2. There is a section under which the DPT was performed. Several purely complex buildings are drawn schematically. Today, this configuration of the object is already a format that is not for sale, so at the stage of P it was decided to reschedule the master plan of the project in the direction of more comfortable housing. The project successfully passed the examination, as all standards are fulfilled. But DABI says that the project does not comply with the DPT and should be designed in the old configuration – although it was absolutely conditional there. I had to return the project to its original form and sell a product that was not in demand by the market. Why? Because DPT.

Therefore, I would very much like to have a simple and clear coordinate system. The world is so volatile that all these DBNs, DPTs, zonings during the implementation of the project from idea to finished house have several times become obsolete. I do not call for complete anarchy and the things that allow us to create pyramids. I urge to allow businesses, based on market conditions, to decide for themselves what is currently needed on the site and what is not. We can call this the parameter of town planning. And the parameters will be embedded in the city’s strategy. And yes, the city’s strategy is not a hundred-hundred-page talmud, but a few dozen offers at most …

Andriy Ryzhykov, CEO and Managing Partner of DC Evolution

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