What the residential real estate market is preparing for us

What the residential real estate market is preparing for us

Competition in the residential real estate market is forcing new formats. Today there is a trend in the “city in the city” format, which implies the availability of the infrastructure necessary for comfortable living in the territory of the LCD. It is noteworthy that this can be both a complex of several thousand apartments and a couple of hundred – just the amount of infrastructure component will be different. In fact, small “cities in the city” are IFCs that are just beginning to be actively projected. For example, the new DBS 2018 already allows for the creation of built-in kindergartens, which should address the pressing issue with preschool education institutions. As the need for the principle of “work where you live – live where you work” becomes increasingly felt, coworkings in such projects can be expected.

In addition, must have – security: closed yard, security and cameras around the perimeter – and not only in the business and premium complexes. And while in the world the opposite is the trend for open spaces, as in our bright childhood, when all the yards were open and everyone was friendly with the yards, in Ukraine, people on the contrary want to close themselves from the outside world as a source of danger.

In addition, today is a very relevant eco-theme: there are complexes that provide solar panels, heat pumps, biogas stations, waste sorting and removal systems, etc. Environmental sustainability, which has been one of the key values for several years the border is gradually becoming so in Ukraine. Therefore, sooner or later, the trend towards environmental neutrality and energy autonomy of buildings will come to us.

Andriy Ryzhykov, CEO and Managing Partner of DC Evolution

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