What will make Kyiv a truly innovative city?

What will make Kyiv a truly innovative city?

October 31 – World Cities Day. Established once by the UN General Assembly, it is called upon to draw our attention to the problem of equitable access to urban services, as the basis for sustainable urbanization, and, consequently, socio-economic development as a whole. This year’s theme is innovation and a better life for future generations. I offer the top 3 destinations that will make Kyiv a truly innovative city.

Security. Cameras, sensors, research drones and security drones. The use of modern security systems in the city is simply a must today. Yes, there’s a nuance with privacy, and if we’ve got used to the fact that we’re being watched while we post on Facebook or share photos on Instagram, then hundreds of cameras are shooting us along our route, and now there are thousands of cameras, we are not celebrating yet. But in the world there is no longer privacy from the word “completely” – any person today can be found by his exact image or digital cast. And actually it is to our advantage. We also add sensors that monitor air quality – this is also about safety. Last week we suddenly found out that there are not one, not two, but dozens of them in Kiev. But you need even more and for a variety of parameters! The cameras fined for violation of the DA are a reality for the developed world, for us, I hope, the near future.

Energy. The older the city, the more it consumes energy. When they say that a building has zero-consumption, this does not mean that the building does not consume energy at all. It consumes, and quite a lot, just in parallel it also generates energy – due to heat pumps, small windmills, solar panels and other sources. Our buildings, both old and new, should become as autonomous as possible. But most importantly, we need a waste recycling plant – as steep as it was built in Copenhagen. The results of its production are energy, fuel and steam, which is absolutely non-toxic to humans. The story of garbage sorting in our realities is very idealistic and certainly will not solve the problems that have already accumulated. This will reduce the garbage load on the city and provide the energy that is necessary for its growth.

Mobility. The city is suffocating. From traffic jams, an abundance of cars and wild killed minibuses. We urgently need to build a system of modern, convenient public transport as soon as possible. And then … remove the cars from the city – first from the center, then completely. The future belongs to cities without cars, and the rest should be environmentally friendly or with very economical engines. It is necessary to reverse motorization. “Minus a million cars from the city” is an excellent slogan for the election campaign of the future mayor of Kiev.

Realizing these ideas, we will get a truly innovative and cool city – comfortable for residents and attractive for tourists.

Andriy Ryzhykov, CEO and managing partner of the development company DC Evolution