Why are there so many problematic objects in Ukraine?

Why are there so many problematic objects in Ukraine?

The situation of the series “betrayal” and “everything is gone”, but not really as bad as it seems at first glance. And that is a logical explanation. This analysis is based on open electronic data, which we often have porridge, soup and fake at the same time. For example, information in one registry may conflict with information in another, or the registry may have no information at all because it is stored only in paper form. Why they don’t make it is another question. Most likely, with these objects is not so easy – a document that allows the construction is, but they do not want to shine, said in a comment delo.ua Andriy Ryzhykov, CEO and managing partner of the developer company DC Evolution.

A separate story is land issues. The land mafia is played in functional and purpose, uses and other concepts to complicate the life of developers and make money. DPT is a fake that only complicates the development of the city. Is it bad that the project does not meet, for example, the DPT? By law – yes. And in essence?

And having carried out such analysis “in the forehead”, we have seen that at us everything is bad. But a competent builder, understanding the nuances of Ukrainian realities, always picks up the documentation to be put into service. And even if there may be some nuances at the start of construction, it’s no excuse not to build. Because if you do everything that all these “extortionists” want to comply with DPT and other urban disorder, then cities will simply stop developing – these will be rural settlements a la 90 years. And who will need it?

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