Why not sign buildings are being built in Ukraine

Why not sign buildings are being built in Ukraine

Before I talk about the obvious reasons for the absence of landmark objects in our country, I want to focus on the in-depth aspects of development in principle. We are used to thinking that time is spiraling, but I am a little sad for you: time is spinning and accelerating – both subjectively and technologically. What used to be centuries-old can now be done in just a few months. And technological singularity is already on the verge.

But what are we doing globally? We are increasing the entropy of the universe. Sometimes it is pointless and senseless, sometimes for the good and for the benefit. Entropy is, in a sense, a measure of chaos. The whole history of the development of our universe goes along the y-axis, and when the entropy of the universe rises to its maximum, the so-called thermal death of the universe will come to an end. By creating substandard projects, we increase entropy, and therefore bring the death of mankind closer to the universe. That is why I want all our work to be directed to a noble and creative cause.

Performing the same sequence of actions in science is called chance. So all the landmark objects are coincidences. At first, no one knows if the project will be a landmark and whether it will be implemented at all.

What prevents us

Money, or rather lack thereof. In their presence, it is much easier to build landmark objects – you can buy a unique site, rent a famous architect, write your own design program or come up with new material. Try to build something without money. I deduced for myself a simple formula: One meter of a skyscraper is worth one million dollars. You want a kilometer – you’ll spend at least a billion. To invent something, many billions.

Norms. It is DBNs that interfere with the construction of normal objects. I am very glad that this year, at the legislative level, adopted the parametric method of design in construction. This approach makes it possible to implement innovative and advanced technologies and materials transparently and quickly. But in many respects, the scoop is still alive and is not about to die.

Officials. History is eternal as the world, and I hope it will be corrected in Ukraine sometime. But while the desire or unwillingness of only one official can stall and even stop the project.

Laws. Very often they are written for specific goals and companies, thus not solving the demands of society and not responding to world trends and trends.

DPT and master plans of cities. This is absolutely nondescript documentation that allows officials to simulate tumultuous activity. Believe me, landmarks will never appear when there is an approved master plan and DPT.

Nodes and parts. At first, architects do not like to draw knots and details, and then on the objects builders do not know how to attach glass to concrete.

Which will help us

Do you know what a customer needs to do to build a landmark property? Faith! Oddly enough, the most expensive object in the world is the Al-Haram Mosque in Mecca. Its construction is estimated at $ 100 billion. The 400,000 square meter building can accommodate up to 4 million people. For comparison, as many people live in all of Croatia, or 300,000 more than in Georgia. Only faith allows us to build such large-scale objects.

Why may we be interested in water on Mars? Alternatively, you need to have a plan B to get over when life on Earth becomes unbearable. But in reality, the science that moves the cosmos, over time, is always reflected in architecture – in the form of molten steel or non-broken glass elements. And space architects are a profession not even of tomorrow, but of yesterday.

Artificial Intelligence. Most of the architect’s routine work will soon be replaced by works. And here is the question: will the robot become an architect. Here is the question of when to fully and what to do. My answer is: be talented, believe in, fight against officials and regulations, be able to count money.

I honestly believe that all these obstacles can be easily overcome if you have the will and the will. We are already on the verge of quality change. By bringing together talent, faith, and determination, we will surely create iconic objects that the whole world will speak about.

Andriy Ryzhykov, CEO and Managing Partner of DC Evolution

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